Knowledge and Attitude towards Antibiotic Use among College Students in Jatinangor

Brama Fimanggara, Istriati Istriati, Rizki Diposarosa


Background: Lack of knowledge about antibiotics cause people to have a misconception about the use of antibiotics. This may potentially lead to inappropriate use of antibiotics in the community, which is the
major reason for the spread of antibiotic resistance. This study aimed to assess knowledge and attitudes toward antibiotic usage among non-medical students in Jatinangor.

Methods: This study used a cross-sectional, questionnaire based survey conducted among non-medical college students in Jatinangor, sub-district of Sumedang regency, from September to October 2013. Samples were selected using convenience sampling method, with a total number of 250 samples.

Results: More than half of the respondents (56.4%) had a poor knowledge regarding antibiotic use. Respondents who knew that antibiotics was indicated to treat bacterial infections reached 75.2%, although 58.4% of respondents still believed that antibiotics could be used in viral infection. In terms of antibiotic
resistance, 72% of respondents were aware that overused of antibiotics could cause antibiotic resistance. In addition, respondents were generally found to have more positive attitudes toward antibiotics with results over 50%, whereas more than one-third of the respondents wrongly self-medicated themselves with

Conclusions: This study reveals that most of the respondents have poor knowledge regarding antibiotics. Almost half of the respondents have a negative attitude regarding the use of antibiotics. Educational interventions are needed to promote prudent use of antibiotics among the college students.[AMJ.2016;3(2):269–74]



Antibiotic use, attitude, Jatinangor, knowledge

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