Knowledge Level of COVID-19 Prevention in Banjar Gambang Communities, Seraya Village, Karangasem, Indonesia

I Gede Aswin Parisya Sasmana, Desak Made Wihandani, Wilson Halim, Ni Komang Ayu Amanda Setiari Jaya, Made Ayu Kurniati Atmaja, Christine Edgar, Jane Carissa Sutedja, Christo Timothy Mamangdean, Grace Veronika Wijaya, Made Dea Avrilia Kusumadewi


Background: Problems to COVID-19 are closely related to the level of knowledge and community prevention. Therefore, to overcome COVID-19, increased knowledge and prevention are needed. This study aimed to evaluate the correlation between prevention and knowledge level about COVID-19.

Methods: A cross-sectional study using a convenience sampling approach was conducted in Banjar Gambang, Karangasem, Indonesia, in April 2022. The knowledge level and preventive behavior towards COVID-19 were measured using the COVID-19 Preventive Behaviors Index (CPBI) and the knowledge, attitudes, and practice toward COVID-19 (KAPCOV-19) questionnaire. The data were analyzed using SPSS software version 26.0.

Results: A total of 52 respondents were included, who had excellent level of knowledge (44.2%) and moderate prevention behaviour (48.1%). A strong and significant correlation was found between the preventive index and the knowledge levels of COVID-19 (r = 0.548; p<0.001). The level of knowledge was significantly related to the level of preventive behavior (p= 0.003), as well as the education level (r = 0.323; p = 0.02) and age (r= -0.346; p=0.012).

Conclusion: The level of knowledge and the individual prevention behavior toward COVID-19 are directly proportional to each other. Those who have a low level of knowledge, might affect their prevention behavior toward COVID-19, therefore, personalized socialization of COVID-19 prevention is still required.


COVID-19, preventive behaviors index, knowledge, KAPCOV-19

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