Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior in E-Cigar Users Community in Indonesia

Gracekeren Evalasdhy Masan, Ardini S. Raksanagara, Fedri Ruluwedrata Rinawam


Background: Cigarettes, both traditional and electronic, are widely used. In 2018, 9.1% of Indonesians smoked, up from 8.8% in 2016. In several nations, including Indonesia, e-cigarette use are increasing. As a result, regulation to minimize the use of e-cigarettes must be implemented. This study aimed to explore the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of e-cigarette users in the Indonesian vaper community.

Methods: This study was a quantitative study with a cross-sectional method. conducted from September to December 2021. Questionnaires were distributed via social media to 42 randomly selected vaper communities. The minimum sample size was 247 respondents. The analysis used Univariate.

Results: A total of 247 e-cigarette users participated in this study, most of them 17-24 years old (78%), mostly male (62.7%), and 61.5% respondents were high school graduates/equivalent. A total of 65.2% had a monthly income of fewer than 3 million rupiahs, 47.0% of respondents had poor knowledge scores, and 53.0%  had positive attitudes toward e-cigarettes. Half of the respondents are long-time users of e-cigarettes and only use e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes were used irregularly/occasionally. The average number of puffs/days was 50-99 puffs/day.  Half of the respondents wanted to quit smoking.

Conclusions: Knowledge of e-cigarettes is good, and attitudes that show approval of the use of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are used irregularly/sometimes. The campaign that e-cigarettes are not a substitute for regular cigarettes and awareness regarding the potential danger of e-cigarettes needs to be increased. Government regulation regarding the control of e-cigarettes needs to be considered because underage children are already using them.




Attitude, behavior, characteristics, e-cigarette, knowledge


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