Cervical stump fibroid

Sherman David Mathew, Betsy Abraham



Fibroids are common benign growths in uterus. Cervical fibroid are rare & represent about 5% of total cases.

Case presentation: A 68 year old female with a history of lower abdominal pain & fullness was refereed from a local clinic to the department of radio-diagnosis for evaluation. Patient had been having a dull lower abdominal pain for about 5-6 months, which was increasing in severity .The patient gave history of subtotal hysterectomy about 12 years ago. On imaging studies (USG &CT), a large adnexal lesion was made out, suggesting the possibility of a cervical stump fibroid. The patient went through elective surgery & diagnose was later confirmed on context of histological findings.

Conclusion: On literature review, few documented cases of stump fibroid after hysterectomy was seen. Though the incidences are very rare & preservation of the cervix with hysterectomy is satisfactory in most of the cases, there have been cases where complications have arisen from the cervical stump.  Future studies are further required to assess the benefits over the possible late complications of retaining the cervix at hysterectomy.


Subtotal hysterectomy;cervical fibroid



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