Knowledge, Attitude and Nutritional Status in Pregnant Women

Wiwit Widiastuti, Kuswandewi Mutyara, Amillia Siddiq


Background: Nutrition during pregnancy is essential for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Malnutrition
during pregnancy may cause a negative impact for both mother and fetus. Pregnant women have to replenish
their nutritional intake so they have to know nutritional needs for pregnancy. This study aims to evaluate
the association between knowledge towards the attitude and nutritional status among pregnant women in
Jatinangor Primary Health Care.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional study and the subjects were 75 pregnant women selected by consecutive sampling while they attending Puskesmas Jatinangor for antenatal follow up in October until November2012. Knowledge and attitude was assessed using a questionnaire. The level of knowledge and attitudes were categorized into insufficient, sufficient and good. Nutritional status was assessed by measuring the
mid upper arm circumference. The level of nutritional status was categorized into good nutritional status
and lower nutritional status.

Result: Out of 75 respondents, 24 respondents had good knowledge, 39 respondents had sufficient
knowledge and 12 respondents had insufficient knowledge. 15 respondents had good attitude, 51
respondents had sufficient attitude, 9 had insufficient attitude. 62 respondents had good nutritional status
and 13 respondents had lower nutritional status

Conclusion: Most of subjects have sufficient knowledge and attitude, and majority of the respondents have
good nutritional status. There was significant relationship between knowledge and attitude (p=0.02) and
no significant relationship between knowledge and nutrition status (p=0.666). Based on this study, it is
expected to conduct further study about other factors which affect the knowledge, attitude, and practice of
pregnant women to improve the nutritional status. [AMJ.2015;2(1):231–4]


Attitude, knowledge, nutrition status, pregnancy

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