Implementation of Youth Information and Counseling Centers Related to HIV/AIDS Prevention in a Junior High School in Bandung

Shifa Nadya Rahma, Insi Farisa Desy Arya, Rudi Wisaksana


Background: Adolescents are the population group most at risk of HIV infection due to low knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The National Population and Family Planning Board (Badan Kependudukan dan Keluarga Berencana Nasional, BKKBN) has developed the Youth Information and Counseling Center (Pusat Informasi dan Konseling Remaja, PIK-R) Program as a forum for information and counseling services, one of which is about Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) including HIV/AIDS. This study aimed to explore whether the implementation of the programs related to HIV/AIDS prevention in adolescents, specifically in junior high school in Bandung City.

Methods: A qualitative descriptive study was carried out at a junior high school in Bandung in August 2018. This study used a purposive sampling technique and data were collected by conducting in-depth interviews with nine program administrators who were then transcribed and coded based on the PIK-R management guidelines using the NVIVO12 software, observing the program activities and documentations study which were then triangulated.

Results: Several indicators in the growing stage had been implemented  according to the guidelines, consisting of mastering ARH education materials including HIV/AIDS, conducting activities in the form of providing materials and peer counseling although without a secretariat room, and establishing networks and partnerships.

Conclusion: The PIK-R program can be a media for preventing HIV/AIDS among junior high school students in Bandung regardless of resource limitations. Therefore, supports from BKKBN and the school itself is needed to improve the implementation of this program.


Adolescent, HIV/AIDS,implementation, prevention, PIK-R

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